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Apart from core products we also offer complete freight and logistical assistance for customers, ensuring a hassle free purchasing experiences. We cater to all forms of transport offering sea freight, road and rail freight as well as air freight. We also offer custom packaging and labeling services as per buyer equirements. The stuffing and sealing of containers is carried out with strict supervision, owing to the criticality of the transportation norms. The drums or bags carrying the chemical substances are required to remain within the container for a minimum period of 20 to a maximum of 45 days before they reach their destinations. Besides, they are also subjected to ever changing climatic conditions as they move from one climate zone to the other. This is why; we take special care in selecting specific containers and stuffing the drums or bags in the desired manner so that the goods can be delivered to your factory in the freshest condition. The Batch Number, Grade, General description, Lot Number, Manufacturing Date as well as Expiry Date are mentioned on each drum or bag, for added safety.

In addition, we also provide services for package insurance and customs clearance, if you have ordered the stuff to a factory location in another country. We would also be providing services for tracking your order once it has been shipped across. Our complete responsibility remains till customers finally receive out goods in the best of condition.


  • 35, Tanawara Industrial Area
    Jodhpur, Rajasthan
  • +91 94617 57498
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