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The success of Chemtotal as a business entity lies in its customer orientation. Therefore, our sole objective is to ensure superior customer satisfaction through our relentless efforts towards betterment. Most efforts are concentrated towards comprehensive research and development so that we can be better placed to offer innovative products with a high level of technical expertise.

Customers today are in continual quest of advanced products and services that could be utilized for ensuring competitive advantages in the marketplace. Chemtotal tends to provide them with just that. The efforts to provide the customers with the most advanced product versions that can be accessed, is continual. The search is always on for the latest products based on the most advanced technologies. The dedication towards striving to provide customers maximum value for money is unflinching.

Besides, the products and services that Chemtotal offers are of undisputed quality. We do not believe in compromising on quality parameters in a bid to offer innovative solutions. This is precisely why we have a well established alliance with global manufacturers of high repute as sources. We are known to offer balanced solutions that are technologically advanced and superior in product quality, standing the test of time. To complement the same, we also pledge complete supply continuity, ensuring that there are no lapses and delays. We boast of a robust technical support system that enables proficient supply mechanisms for the benefit of customers.

Our comprehensive approach towards customers is to position ourselves not solely as sellers, but as business partners. Once our customers express their needs to us, we stand by as a solid support right from the conception to the delivery of finished products.


  • 35, Tanawara Industrial Area
    Jodhpur, Rajasthan
  • +91 94617 57498
  • info@chemtotal.com